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AC-Q by Health Concerns is designed to address the lack of strength and mobility caused by arthritis and other degenerative diseases.

AC-Q features a Chinese blend of aromatic herbs. These include cloves, frankincense, borneol and vladimiria souliei, all of which work to unblock circulation. Added to these are such tonic herbs as ginseng, loranthus, siler and tang kuei to help open energy channels throughout the body.

- Aids in relieving pain in joints and muscles caused by weakness
- Helps to improve mobility and overall strength
- Supports faster healing of traumatic and sports injuries, especially those located in the lower body and the back
- Helps to tone the kidneys
- Aids in improving circulation

AC-Q Ingredients: Clematis (Wei Ling Xian), Ginseng (Ren Shen), Siler (Fang Feng), Saussurea (Mu Xiang), Ho-shou-wu (Ho Shou Wu), Rehmannia (Shu Di Huang), Lindera (Wu Yao), Chiang-huo (Qiang Huo), Tang-kuei (Dang Gui), Gastrodia (Tian Ma), Cinnamon bark (Rou Gui), Aquilaria (Chen Xiang), Frankincense (Ru Xiang), Coptis (Huang Lian), Blue Citrus (Qing Pi), Cloves (Ding Xiang), Gentiana (Qin Jiao), Achyranthes (Niu Xi), Loranthus (Sang Ji Sheng), Borneol (Bing Pian), Asarum (Xi Xin), Adrenosen.


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