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Chrysanthemum 9 is a new formulation based on the traditional principles of dispelling wind-heat. The wind-heat syndrome may produce fever, sore throat, eye irritation, and headache; it can be treated either as a toxic-heat syndrome (see Ilex 15 and Forsythia 18 for examples of that approach) or as a disorder that causes vascular congestion, which is the focus of Chrysanthemum 9. Vascular congestion produces a headache, sometimes severe (as in migraine), which is an objective of this formula; achyranthes is included to drain stagnated blood downward. Chrysanthemum 9 differs from other headache formulas: Angelica 14 is for wind-cold, Cnidium 9 is for blood stasis (combined with wind syndrome), Patrinia 14 is for headache due to sinus infection, and Gentiana 12 is for liver fire. The wind-heat disorder often comes on quickly and the patient has a hot, irritable feeling (though usually no fever). The symptoms may accompany an acute illness, such as common cold and influenza (the traditional treatment is Morus and Chrysanthemum Combination, Sang Ju Yin, which can be approximated by combining Chrysanthemum 9 with Ilex 15). The ingredients were also selected for their ability to treat hypertension. This formula improves circulation to the brain, relaxes the vessels, and helps treat hypertension. Alternative hypertension formulas are Uncaria 6, which is aimed at treating internal wind with liver/kidney deficiency and Tian Ma Gou Teng Pian (Pine Mountain), which treats internal wind and fire agitation, and Pueralex (White Tiger), which alleviates internal heat and tension. For patients with hypertension and hyperlipidemia, one can add Lotus Leaf Tablets.

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