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This formula is based on a discussion by Peng Zheling, a contemporary physician, about treating the problem of cold phlegm affecting the heart orifices and causing insomnia and mental disturbance. The basis of the disorder is a spleen and kidney yang deficiency, traditionally treated by Lizhong Wan (Regulate the Middle Pill), containing dry ginger, ginseng, atractylodes, and licorice or Zhenwu Tang (Vitality Combination) with aconite, ginger, atractylodes, hoelen, and peony. The yang deficiency inhibits transformation of qi and circulation of fluid, causing internal retention of water that forms phlegm-fluid masking the orifices of the heart. This is a problem similar to that heat-induced phlegm mist obstructing the heart orifices, as treated by Acorus Tablets or Bamboo 11. Dry Ginger Tablets is intended to treat persons who suffer from internal cold, relying on herbs that tonify the yang (morinda, curculigo) and disperse cold and recover yang (aconite, dry ginger, cinnamon). These yang promoting herbs aid weakened heart qi in cases of heart failure, a condition that also results in accumulation of cold fluid (typically in the legs or lungs; see Vitality Tablets). Codonopsis, atractylodes, dioscorea, pinellia, citrus, and jujube invigorate the stomach and spleen, drain cold moisture, and resolve phlegm. Peony nourishes the blood and, with cinnamon twig, regulates the circulation in the meridians. Asparagus nourishes the yin and protects the yin from weakening during the invigoration of yang. Internal cold may arise from excessive fear, lack of warming foods, chronic diseases that have a yang-defeating effect, drug therapies with cold nature, or persistence of an externally-contracted cold.

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