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Diagnostic Tablets are designed on the basis of a number of traditional formulas that have been used for difficult to diagnose diseases that involve symptoms of moisture accumulation and blood stagnation. Examples of such formulas are Areca Seed Combination (Jiubin Wu Fu Tang; Nine Expulsions Evodia and Hoelen Decoction), Tang-kuei Sixteen Formula (Shiliu Wei Liuqi Yin; Sixteen Ingredient Flowing Qi Drink), and Citrus and Pinellia Combination (Fen Xinqi Yin; Heart Qi Dividing Drink). The common aspect of the disorders is a persistent stagnation that can only be penetrated by areca seed with the aid of aromatic dispersers such as magnolia bark and evodia. The action of this formula is to boost the qi (ginseng, licorice) and clear out any blockages to qi circulation by resolving moisture (areca seed, magnolia bark, ginger, hoelen, pinellia) and stagnant blood (turmeric, liquidambar, rhubarb). With the qi flowing through areas of stagnation, some of the symptoms will clear up promptly, while the ones that remain will reveal the key constitutional disorders, which may then be treated to resolve the problem. In this sense, the formula is "diagnostic," by uncovering the more recalcitrant problems. If the individual experiences an uncomfortable warm response, it would suggest that there is blocked internal heat, and this can be treated by other formulas (e.g., Bupleurum 12, Ardisia 16, Nuphar 14, Cyperus 18). This formula is also useful for helping to resolve lumps (usually under the skin, and easily detected, such as breast lumps and lymphatic swelling; see also Blue Citrus Tablets, Prunella 8, and Scrophularia 12).

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