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Glucose Balance by Dr. Kang Formulas helps diabetes mellitus by improving uptake of nutrients in the presence of limited insulin, to stimulate the body to produce insulin more efficiently, and to improve circulation and oxygenation in the peripheral tissues (fundus of the eye and extremities).

TCM function is to nourish the Yin and Moist Essence, promote Blood circulation, remove Blood stasis, clear the Heat and tonify the Qi.

From the Western scientific perspective, diabetes mellitus is an inherited endocrine disorder characterized by a variable degree of carbohydrate intolerance and specific vascular lesions (i.e., thickening of the capillary basement membrane.) The endocrine aspect of this disease is the lack of sufficient pancreatic insulin to take up nutrients from the blood, in particular, glucose.

Traditional Chinese Medicine views this disease through the terms Xiao Ke (Consuming and Thirsty) with the main pathologic reason being Original Yin deficiency. It is made worse by an abnormal diet or overeating of sweets (or refined carbohydrates

TCM Indications: syndrome of hyperactivity of Fire due to Yin deficiency marked by high blood sugar, thirst, dry mouth and tongue, dizziness, too much urination, and constipation.

Potency: 7:1, 500 mg caps

Chinese Symptomology: High blood sugar, Thirst, Dry mouth and tongue, dizziness, Frequent urination, Constipation

Western Symptomology: Diabetes mellitus

Tongue: Reddened tongue with reduced saliva.

Pulse: thready and feeble or taut pulse.

Pattern: Lung Heat, Essence deficiency, Stomach heat, Yin deficiency

Ingredients: Da Huang - Rheum palmatum Rhizome, Huang Lian - Coptis chinensis Rhizome, Sheng Di Huang - Rehmannia glutinosa Radix, Dan Shen - Salvia miltiorrhiza Radix, Hong Jin Tian - Rhodiole rosea Radix, Yu Zhu - Polygonatum odoratum Rhizome, Xian He Cao - Agrimonia pilosa Herba, Gui Yu Jian - Buchnera cruciata Herba, Ku Gua - Momordica charantia Fructus, Xia Ku Cao - Prunella vulgaris Spica and Huang Qi - Astragalus membranaceus Radix.

Suggested Use: Take: 2 - 3 capsules, 2 times in morning and evening or as directed by your healthcare practitioner.

Consult your healthcare practitioner prior to using this product if you are pregnant, nursing or taking prescription medication.

Keep out of reach of children.


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