Far East Summit - Jin Gu Formula - 8 Oz.

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Contraindications Prohibited during pregnancy. Chinese Symptomology trauma Western Symptomology Acute bruising or swelling accompanying traumatic sprain, fracture, or dislocation; torn or inflamed ligaments, with or without swelling; angina, chronic liver swelling Actions Invigorates Blood, breaks Blood stasis, tonifies Blood, stops bleeding, strengthens sinew and bone, dredges and opens the channels and collaterals, relieves pain. Pattern Blood stasis and Qi stagnation, traumatic injury pain Ingredients Pseudoginseng root, "Dragon Blood" resin, Dong Quai root, Carthamus flower, Myrrh resin, Olibanum resin, Dipsacus root, Drynaria root, Albizzia bark, Curcuma (yu jin) root, Angelica (bai zhi) root, Amomum (sha ren) fruit, and seed. This is an excellent medicine for acute trauma with swelling, or chronic swelling and pain from old injuries. It is based on Xie Yuanqing's formula Qi Li San ("Thousand Mile Powder"). With the addition of Notoginseng Tian Qi it becomes more effective for bleeding wounds and wounds with swelling. Being an internal medicine, it is useful for treating bone fractures with swelling when a limb is in a cast. It is less effective for injuries without swilling, such as inflamed tendon, but still helpful. (Fratkin, Chinese Herbal Patent Medicines)*


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