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Gecko-A is based on the well-known patent formula Gejie Bushen Wan (Gecko Kidney Nourishing Pills). The kye ingredients are gecko and deer antler (the "A" is for antler) which invigorate the yang and are applicable to cases of fatigue from overwork or other stresses. The formula is also suitable for treatment of lung disorders, such as the kidney-deficiency type asthma. Gecko and cordyceps are often used for that purpose (see: Perilla Seed Tablets and Ding Chuan Wan, Pine Mountain); deer antler is also effective. Gecko-A includes qi tonics (ginseng, dioscorea, atractylodes, licorice), yang tonics (eucommia, epimedium, antler, gecko), and yin nourishing agents (rehmannia, lycium fruit). There is evidence from Chinese studies that formulas such as this can enhance production of hormones, especially adrenal hormones. Individual ingredients have been shown to have these effects, including gecko, antler, ginseng, and epimedium. A related formula is Epimedium 8, which is used for warming the yang, but not focused on tonifying qi. Gecko-A is particularly useful for initial treatment of syndromes involving fatigue and yang deficiency. In general, a treatment pattern progresses from smaller formulas focused on stimulating the yang (8-12 ingredients as in Antler 8, Epimedium 8, and Gecko-A) to broad, gentle formulas (e.g., 18 ingredients or more, as in Eucommia 18 for yang tonification and Ganoderma 18 or Composition-A for nurturing all essences and all organs). These other formulas are considered a type of constitutional therapy to be pursued over a longer period, but they are less likely to produce dramatic quick results. See also: Pantosterone (White Tiger).

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