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Mobility 2 by Health Concerns provides support for joints and issues related to stagnation of blood flow in the joints. Mobility 2 is based on the traditional formula Clematis Combination (Shu Jing Huo Xue Tang).

In traditional Chinese medicine, joint conditions are caused by poor circulation, accumulation of moisture in the joints, and swelling related to blood stagnation. Mobility 2 addresses these conditions while also nourishing and circulating the blood and providing analgesic relief of pain.

- Supports joints and issues related to stagnation of blood flow in the joints
- Addresses issues associated with gout, sciatica, lumbago
- Addresses edema

Mobility 2 relieves the surface; Dispels wind damp; Promotes the flow of water; Vitalizes blood circulation

Mobility 2 Ingredients in 3 tablets: Proprietary Blend (650 mg per tablet): Red Peony root (chi shao), Tang Kuei root (dang gui), Ligusticum root (chuan xiong), Rehmannia (cooked) root (shu di huang), Persica kernel (tao ren), White Atractylodes rhizome (bai zhu), Poria sclerotium (fu ling), Citrus peel (chen pi), Siler root (fang feng), Vitex fruit (man jing zi), Gentiana root (qin jiao), Achyranthes root (niu xi), Chiang-huo rhizome (qiang huo), Clematis root (wei ling xian), Angelica root (bai zhi), Licorice root (gan cao).

Other Ingredients: silicon dioxide, stearic acid, cellulose, sweet potato.

Suggested Use: Adults: Take 3 tablets 3 times daily or as recommended by your healthcare practitioner.

Do not use this product if are pregnant or nursing.

Keep out of reach of children.


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