Min Tong - Hu Zhang - 500 mg; 100 Caps

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Taste Bitter Properties Cold Contraindications Contraindicated during pregnancy Chinese Symptomology Amenorrhea;Wind-damp painful obstruction;traumatic injury;Damp-heat jaundice;Turbid vaginal discharge;Turbid painful urinary dribbling;Burns (internal & external);Carbuncles (internal & external);Skin infections(internal & external);Snakebite(internal & external);Cough due to Lung heat;Constipation due to clumping of heat; Actions Invigorates the blood, dispels stasis, unblocks the channels, and stops pain;Clears heat and resolves dampness;Clears heat and resolves toxicity;Drains heat downward, transforms phlegm, and stops coughs Pattern Wind-damp painful obstruction;Traumatic injury;Heat;Dampness;Toxicity;Lung heat;Clumping of heat Branch Liver; Gallbladder, Lung Ingredients Hu Zhang - 100% Bitter and cold, Polygoni cuspidati Rhizoma (hu zhang) enters the Liver, Gallbladder, and Lung channels. Records of its clinical use over the centuries depict a growing appreciation for its wide range of clinical actions, which can be summed up as follows: invigorates the blood, breaks up stasis, expels pathogenic wind, eliminates dampness, cools heat, and resolves toxicity. Most recently, its ability to transform phlegm and stop coughs has received significant attention.* (from Chines Herbal Medicine Materica Medica, 3rd ed.)


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