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Pacific Herbs - PMS Relief - 5 Packs

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PMS Relief Herb Pac is a unique and powerful powder supplement that delivers results. Our all natural herb formulas gives you fast relief from symptoms such as: PMS Irritability, Mood Swings, Menstrual Cramps, Bloating, Headaches, and Backaches. All associated with a monthly menstrual cycle.

Finally, A Natural Option For Women! Women have more choices than ever before when it comes to maintaining their health and vitality.

Our PMS Relief formula is made from Traditional Chinese Herbs. Our pharmaceutical cGMP plant has the most sophisticated equipment worldwide, to cook and dry our herbs. They are immediately placed in packets which protect the herb potency because packets are air and moisture tight.

Mix in hot or cold water and drink as a tea.

Digestibility is increased because our packets have no filler. Only 100% natural herbs. Drinking herbs as a tea increases absorption by the body, providing quick relief. Usually within 30 minutes to an hour. Take at onset of menstrual cycle and as needed during your cycle.

There are various ways to take care of yourself and a variety of ways to reduce your PMS symptoms. Eating right, exercising, watching your weight, reducing your stress, and get enough sleep, but sometimes even when your doing everything you can, you still need help to get you through those 5 days a month. Over the counter pain reliever only mask symptoms for a few short hours. Herbs balance the body and help you feel better the entire month. Taking Chinese herbs is a natural way to boost your bodies ability to cope with the fluctuation hormones and natural rhythmic cycle. Herbs don't mask the pain or other symptoms they help your body work better by complementing the natural processes. Herbs have all the chemical constituents your body craves. When you have painful cramps, Chinese medicine calls this blood stagnation and uses herbs that help move the blood along. Herbs just as myrrh and frankincense. (read more about these herbs) We pride ourselves on our personalized service, attention to detail. We have done the research and chosen the most dependable, qualified supplier in the world. Using the latest technology you receive potent herbs without fillers for maximum therapeutic effects. Our High Standards Our commitment: To provide the finest quality Chinese herb natural supplements. Our manufacturer: KPC in Taiwan, has rigorous standards and performs over 200 tests on each batch of raw herbs before the herbs qualify for a PAC Herbs formula.*

Ingredients: Bupleurum - Chai Hu White Peony - Bai Shao Angelicae - Dang Gui Peach Kernel - Tao Ren Cyperus - Xiang Fu Moutan - Mu Dan Pi Red Peony - Chi Shao Ligusticum - Chuan Xiong Carthamus - Hong Hua Mugwort - Ai Ye Corydalis - Yan Hu Suo Dipsacus - Xu Duan Achyranthes - Nui Xi Baked licorice - Gan Cao


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