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Platycodon 14 is modeled after the ancient Magnolia Flower Formula (Xinyi San) for treating sinusitis (magnolia flower, cimicifuga, angelica, schizonepeta, forsythia, and licorice), and the modern formula Siler and Coix Combination (with cimicifuga, forsythia, schizonepeta, angelica, platycodon, and licorice) for treating acne, conjunctivitis, otitis media, and other infections of the head. The primary therapeutic focus of the formula is infections and congestion that occur mainly in the head, including sinus, ear, tooth (actually, the nerve root of the tooth), throat, and skin. Most of the herbs in this prescription are highly aromatic and have potent anti-congestive effects and antiseptic action. The ingredients can penetrate blocked areas and inhibit bacteria and inflammation. Platycodon and cimicifuga are used by Chinese herbalists to direct the action of the herbs to the upper body; they are also anti-inflammatory. The unique aspect of this formulation is the inclusion of less commonly-used aromatic herbs kaempheria (a rich source of camphor) and murraya (rich in aromatic oils; the Chinese name, Jiu Li Xiang, means that the fragrance spreads for nine li - about three miles) and the anti-inflammatory herbs eriocaulon and oroxylum. The ingredients of the new formula were selected to bring together those that regulate the circulation of qi, remove congestion, reduce inflammation, enhance healing, and alleviate pain. Because of the strong action of the active constituents, the formula is not recommended to be used for a long period continuously. After the condition is basically relieved, constitutional formulas, such as Forsythia 18, may be used as a follow-up. For sinus congestion, see also Bi Yan Pian (Pine Mountain), Mentholain (White Tiger), and Xanthium 12.

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