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Scrophularia 12 was designed on the basis of traditional Chinese formulas and modern clinical applications for treatment of lymph node swellings. The formula is also suitable for any combination of toxic heat and phlegm accumulation, such as cystic acne, breast lumps that are growing in size (always check for the possibility of cancer), and lung infections. The formula includes a base prescription of Bupleurum and Tang-kuei Formula (Xiaoyao San) that is used to regulate circulation of liver qi and strengthen spleen qi. Scrophularia is used to resolve nodules; prunella alleviates entanglement of qi that leads to lump formation (see Prunella 8); both herbs clear heat. The antitoxin herbs lonicera and forsythia are used to treat infection or other toxic conditions that are causing the lump to increase in size or to occur in new locations; pinellia, fritillaria, and citrus disperse the phlegm accumulation. This formula differs from other limp-resolving prescriptions, such as Chih-ko/Curcuma, Prunella 8, Cinnnamon/Rehmannia, and Zedoaria Tablets, by its focus on phlegm-toxin masses beneath the skin. It lacks the blood vitalizing components of Chih-ko/Curcuma and Zedoaria Tablets, the warming quality of Cinnamon/Rehmannia (which treats cold-phlegm masses), and the tonics for qi and yin contained in Prunella 8. Scrophularia 12 instead provides for the regulation and harmonization of liver and spleen as a support to treating the problem of phlegm masses. According to Chinese theory, weak spleen function leads to accumulations of dampness and phlegm and to easy influence of toxins; liver qi stagnation may result in entanglement of qi to form nodules.

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